Every company has an elevator pitch or value prop that they use to catch the interest of a prospect in seconds. However, prospects don’t want to hear all the glitz and glam about a product or service. They typically don’t even have time to face the fact that they have challenges. So, they work with what they have, harder, not smarter, and carry on. But why not switch up the elevator pitch? Let’s focus on what it is that we want, and in turn, the prospect will realize that what we want is for them to be successful.

Without their success, a renewal is just an imaginary thought. Our elevator pitch to our clients should be as simple as, ‘DMS should be your Lead Generation Partner because we will execute the goals you have to gain your renewal.’ DMS understands client and lead management and here are 5 ways we do it better.

Step 1 Communicate with clients. Hold weekly status calls with them, talk about what is and isn’t working. If we don’t communicate, next thing you know, we will be months down the road wondering what the problem is and looking for someone to blame.

Step 2 It’s all about the numbers. Every week status reports are sent to clients. This outlines the progression of the campaign. But why not take it one step forward? As a company, we pull KPI reports for each client and review internally. When we share these numbers, such as how many dials it’s taking to get to a deliverable or the not qualified percentage, the client feels as if we are including them in our strategies. We are including them on the back end of the reports. Numbers can provide the why to their questions.

Step 3 Data management is key. Review the status of the contact and move them around in different ques to accurately focus on the right targets. Look at the titles and think of the best way to strategize them in the dialer so that the calling team is prepared to talk to the specific RPC audience.

Step 4 The power of follow-ups. DMS takes care of confirmation, rescheduling calls, and following-up with your Sales Executives on meeting feedback to track the status of each deliverable in your weekly report. The only thing the Sales Executives need to do is show up and sell.

Step 5 We want your renewal.  Although I have moved on from our Operations department, I still have clients calling to discuss a renewal. This proves the relationship that I worked so hard on over the past few years had an effect. When they weren’t happy, I looked for ways to improve myself and our team. When they were ecstatic, I smiled and knew that I did my job right. We all have goals. If we assist in making our clients more successful, they’ll want to continue that success and continue working with us. DMS has an 85% renewal rate because we understand partner, lead, and client management.

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