If you’re anything like me, seeing the glass half full is a challenge. My gut wants to think positive, but my head gets in the way of always seeing the good things. When we train ourselves to pull at least one positive out of a not so instant gratification situation, we learn to see the glass half full.

Sales Leads are just as rewarding as an appointment. How many appointments have you scheduled, and the prospect was a no show? The instant gratification that you once had when you first scheduled the meeting is instantly shut down when you did not connect with the prospect at your scheduled time. Sales Leads prove there is an initial interest and that you’re welcomed to continue a nurturing relationship if you so choose to.

The power of email has evolved over the past decade. More and more leads are being generated via social media, events, and email. How often do you send your sales leads an email? It’s not necessarily emailing them asking for an appointment. Sending an email about what your company is doing, a recent success story or even a blog you found interesting is a way to keep your relationship alive with them.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with prospects but are you also following their company? Companies constantly post blogs and what they’re doing to generate more business. When you like their post or share their post, you show your sales leads that you are interested in sharing and generating more success for them.

A prospect is going to tell you no more so then yes because it’s easy. Yes, they might have a need, but do they have time to understand their need and strategize to do something about it? Most times no. It’s up to you to pull that out and make them your sales lead. Give them a call every three weeks, leave a message and say you’re just checking in. Tell them about a recent win of yours and how you’d like to discuss doing something like that for their company. The answer is not no, it’s just not now. Turn your sales lead thinking into nurturing.

Let’s all think about it like this, your glass may be half empty, it may even have a crack in it, but you were still poured something. Take it and run with it. Every lead you generate is not going to lead to an opportunity but when we have the mindset that it might, we will always have a glass half full.

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