Marketing Development Funds (MDF) is a wonderful lending hand from Manufacturers to reselling partners, if, they use it correctly. Most prospects I call and clients I have worked with, rely on their MDF to allow them to grow their pipeline but so many of them don’t understand how to use it. At DMS we have years of experience working with resellers and VARs assisting them on how to track their ROI and request and obtain even more MDF. However, there are a few ways that we’ve seen that just don’t work. If you happen to be doing any of the examples below, I’d recommend giving us a call so we can quickly show you how to orchestrate a better MDF lifestyle for your brand.

If you are putting all of your MDF into one type of marketing solution, such as attending events, STOP before you purchase the next plane ticket. Everyone loves going to events and most times, you’ll have pretty good conversations because you are face-to-face with that person. But what happens when you leave? Will they remember you? Will you remember to follow-up? Let’s think about implementing a few different marketing plans to ensure we are covering all of our bases. Example – depending on your fund budget, maybe attend two events, develop an email funnel campaign and cold call.

No MDF is too small. There is always something we can do with it to increase your ROI chances. Often times I hear who companies “big OEMs” are and that’s typically who they get the most money from. Well, what about the other partners who maybe give 1-5 thousand dollars? What are you doing with that funding? What would happen if you put all of it together and went with an all service approach for your company, that way you have an opportunity to showcase all of your partners, based upon the prospect’s needs/preference in a vendor.

The thought of instant gratification is not realistic. At DMS, we, of course, offer a few programs for Appointment Setting. My experience working in the Operation/Production department is that a pay by performance model is not going to give you the most opportunities because of the limitations you have. Sure, the thought sounds great because it’s a guaranteed lead, but you are only going to get what you paid for and nothing else. Let’s open up our minds and take full advantage of your MDF by spreading it out. That is why we also offer an hourly program. By purchasing a bulk of hours, they are yours to do what you want. Have a message focusing on cold calling, email funnel follow-up and have a third message focusing on a pre or post event you are or have attended.

At DMS, we work directly with Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers and VARs. We understand the language, the need, and the drive to keep your business successful. MDF is a wonderful resource to have if understood and used correctly. This is just another quality that we include in our partner management to our clients.

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