Active Demand Generation feeding the entire Marketing & Sales funnel!


How do sales and marketing organizations build stronger marketing funnels and sales pipelines without increasing the budget?

What most business-to-business organizations need is a growth plan. Period. But, “How?” The sales and marketing team has many resources at their disposal to achieve their revenue goals; which include time and financial budgets.

In today’s over-marketed world, business leaders have a seemingly endless list of software, consultants, and service providers bombarding them with messages competing for these precious limited resources. So, what is the right move? Where should a business deploy their resources for the greatest Return on Investment?


The best go-to market investment for a B2B business

The reality is that there are many ways for a business to grow revenue. There isn’t a perfect answer. Most of the software tools, consultants, and service providers today can add real value to an organization. But the question remains, what is the best investment for your situation?


The traditional approach to lead generation or sales appointment setting

Regardless of the marketing and business development strategies and investments an organization makes, there is always a role for proactive, outbound communication with a target market. Given the diminishing open rate of emails and the popularity of “social selling,” the traditional phone call continues to be a highly effective means to connect with influencers and decision-makers that a business has identified as targets.


Active Demand Generation: Filling both Marketing & Sales Funnels

The Active Demand Generation Phase is designed to fill BOTH the marketing funnel AND sales pipeline for B2B organizations with complex solutions.

For most Sales Appointment Setting or Lead Generation firms, the objective is to generate a one-dimensional deliverable – a lead. An effective marketing firm can generate more leads than sales meetings because the criteria are so basic. However, leads are too high in the sales funnel to make an immediate or short-term impact on the business. *

Organizations that need their marketing investment to contribute to the bottom-line more quickly may seek a provider to generate sales meetings for the sales team to attend. The idea is that these meetings will be more qualified and are either already further down the sales funnel or have the potential to move through the funnel at a faster rate.

*Not all sales meetings as a deliverable are created equally. Some marketing firms define a sales meeting as simply the prospect has agreed to receive a call at a certain date and time. Not only are no meeting invitations sent to the prospect, but there is no confirmation of decision making authority or confirmed need for the solution. 



The Active Demand Generation process, when executed carefully, will not only generate highly qualified sales meetings for the sales organization but unlike any other sales development process, the process generates market data and targeted leads. This will improve the marketing database as well as feed the top of the sales funnels for the sales team.

All high-powered organizations understand that businesses run on systems and the efficiency of those systems and processes is what drives growth. The Active Demand Generation process at Demand Marketing Solutions is a great example of how over time an organization that is focused on creating the most value possible for their clients can reengineer a process for the future.


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