As soon as I hear “no money down!” or the word “free” I am usually instantly turned off because I know, free never means free. However, in the reseller world of IT manufacturers, free can actually mean free to those companies, if the funds are used correctly. Our goal at Demand Marketing Solutions is to generate more revenue for our customers and become a long-lasting partner all with no cost to them.

Each quarter IT manufacturers release Marketing Development Funds “MDF” to their resellers. This is to be used at the reseller’s discretion and the goal is to see a return on investment. The more the reseller generates in revenue with the marketing development funds that have been allocated to them, the more they will receive each quarter. This is where the word free comes into play.

At no cost to the reseller, they are handed marketing development funds, and this is not a loan where they have to pay it back. This is given to them and where their Marketing Director is hired to shine. Of course, the manufacturer is not going to keep giving the reseller MDF if they are not seeing any ROI, but this is a free, no-interest loan to ultimately gain more revenue for the manufacturer and reseller.

At Demand Marketing Solutions, resellers make up most of our clientele, so we understand the importance of using the funds correctly to make everyone successful. Our job as their demand generation partner is to generate qualified leads and track meeting feedback so that they can go back to their manufacturer and show ROI. By using the MDF given to them, the reseller is ultimately not paying for anything, but cashing in on the work we pass over to them from the funds passed on by the manufacturer.

Free can never mean free unless it is truly no cost to the customer. And ultimately, if there is no return on investment to show the manufacturer, although it did not cost the reseller anything, they will pay in the long run because they will not continue to be given those marketing development funds. Picking the right demand generation company to work with is key because they will be your ticket to keeping marketing activities at no internal cost.

If you are looking for a way to keep things as they should be; no cost to the reseller when they are marketing a manufacturer’s product, give us a shout at Demand Marketing Solutions. We will show you how to increase revenue all at no cost to you.