Increase Pipeline 400x while increasing sales close rates by 20%

ASPS is the white-glove solution for businesses ready to see rapid pipeline growth and exponentially increase their deal registrations, opportunity registrations, and sales-ready leads.

Through a collaboration with Jim Kidd Sales Coach — using the renowned principles of Taking Flight with DISC — ASPS blends demand generation, sales consulting, and sales behavioral assessments to empower sales teams to target the right people using the right communication style.

The ASPS process

What you’ll get

About Jim Kidd Sales Coach

Jim Kidd Sales Coach trains sales professionals to effectively communicate with the four primary personality styles in order to improve sales results.

These techniques are rooted in two time-tested programs: Taking Flight with DISC and Chameleon Selling.

Add-on services

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Whats Included Bronze Silver Gold
Assessments Sales Behavior Sales Behavior & Desire Sales Behavior & Desire
Tandem Blocks 160 Tandem blocks 300 Tandem Blocks 500 Tandem Blocks
Sales Support 
Demand Generation Roadmap
Data Management
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Social Media Management  ✓
DMS360Plus Portal
Sales IQ Plus
Expert Sales Course 50 minute debrief 75 minute debrief Half-day Day Taking Flight Course
Half-day Day Chameleon Selling Course
Executive Consultation

with Sales Expert

30 minutes

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