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Active Sales Performance Solutions
We help your Sales Reps Succeed
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Revenue through sales performance, a radical new idea!​

Increase Sales

Increase Pipeline 400x while increasing sales close rates by 20%

Increase Funnel
ASPS will assess your sales team and sales hiring practice and increase revenue. We create a training roadmap that teaches your sales team how to communicate to all types of communication styles. Using the assessment results along with the new education we team your sales team with our certified cold calling agents to produce new pipeline. The cold calling sessions are tracked and the results are shared with you and your team.
In conjunction with Jim Kidd, Sales Coach (JKSC) and Taking Flight with DISC and Chameleon Selling, two, time-tested programs, that help sales teams learn and implement unique sales performance strategies, we have combined proven sales pipeline creation techniques using cold calling that drastically deliver rapid results in pipeline growth and internal sales team performance.

How it Works

We work with you at the Executive level to asses all Sales Reps within the organization
Sales Assessments
Executive interview
Sales Road Map

We work with you at the executive level to asses all Sales Reps within the organization

Assessments allows us to pair your internal team with our agents based on styles, personality, and skill level

The Executive Interview allows us to uncover your true Sales Goals and how you are currently reaching/missing those goals, and where you think the improvement is needed

Based on our findings we provide you with a Demand Generation Roadmap that includes our multi-touch proven approach how we will help you increase pipeline flow while training and supporting your internal team with Tandem calling.

Your Solution to a Better Sales Team

At some point in the life of your business, you have said to yourself..

"Isn’t there a better way?!”


Active Sales Performance Solutions

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