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Custom360 ~ Your 360° Pipeline View

Use expert sales pipeline creation with a custom marketing portal to provide a full view into the success of your campaigns!

The DMS360Portal allows full multi-campaign tracking, re-seller/distributor/vendor tracking, as well as sales rep tracking.
See the progression of each appointment as they move through the funnel.  
See which Sales Reps or Partners are delivering.  Dynamically assign leads and automate your process. 
Combined with our Demand Generation Programs your pipeline wins!  Don’t allow your partners or reps “to drop the baton”

See your ROI on the fly!

Sales Support

 Agent activities range based on each campaign;
Dialing and updating data in the DMS360 Portal
Scheduling and Qualifying deliverables
Disposition and documentation of all conversations, email communications, and prospect interactions

Executive interview


Keep your database clean, our agents verify and update all information within the client database, we become an extension of your Sales Rep for full support. 

Closed Loop Sales Support

As an extension of your Sales Team we help support your reps with Demand Generation Activities as it relates to the campaign.  Appointment invites, reminders, follow-ups, and nurture those future leads.

Closed Loop Sales Support

Appointment management, follow-up, concierge, booking, etc
Now support past customers at critical stages to drive retention, loyalty, advocacy, growth or participation.

Follow-up, feedback from rep, nurturing on continued lifetime of the lead

Demand Gen Strategy/ Roadmap

We work with you to provide a detailed campaign and Demand Generation Strategy, based on our best practices and expertise.  We help you reach those pipeline numbers.

Sales Road Map

This program including talk track, email funnels, RFI email templates can be shared with your internal team.  Our clients find that adding some of DMS best practices to their overall process, boosts pipeline numbers and the Sales Teams success. 

Data Strategy & Management

We advise on data sourcing, segmentation, market strategy and provide expert data management making the most out of all data related to the campaign

Data Analysis & Management

Our decades of experience in campaign data management and the use of methodical and organized best practices to manage and segment data to make the most out of every campaign.  Lead scoring, list acquisition, list/contact management, and lead management.  Rest assured the data that is the lifeline of your business is well cared for

Cold Outreach

Get the message out to 100X the contacts a cold call does
Warm up your prospect lists with our disruptive email funnel approach, using personality profiling our emails generate leads on their own and complement calling activities.

cold outreach

We bring our disruptive demand generation approach with a multi touch reach we use cold email drips, written to specific behavior styles, calling, and social to round out and fill the bottom of funnel with qualified leads


Integrate Inbound methodologies and branding outreach by creating original landing pages to entice prospects to enter the funnel, immediate follow up allows us to have more conversations with interested prospects. 


We combine known behavioral triggers to entice prospects to download and enter the bottom of the funnel. Ongoing nurturing and consistent follow thru, we weed out non qualified prospects and deliver the best quality prospects



Integrated messaging for full digital reach, including weekly social posting calendar


We build a weekly social calendar that posts to the main 3; LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. True multi-touch campaign to build branding and awareness

DMS360Plus Portal

THE DMS360 Portal is a proprietary CRM App that allows you to manage the success of the campaign. All documents related can be found here including the Demand Gen Road map, training resources, appointment management, pipeline management, and ROI of the campaign.

DMS360Plus Portal

ROI management, opportunity tracking, Pipeline Management,
appointment assignment

DMS360Plus Portal

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