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DMS provides top-tier prospecting, Active Demand Generation and Active Attendee Generation services that are tailored to each client’s specific business needs and target market. We deliver Sales Qualified Appointments and Leads to your team.

Grow Pipeline

Grow Your Pipeline

We provide professional, efficient, engaging and proven telemarketing services that drive sales and business growth Plus, having a consistent resource feeding the pipeline mitigates the risk of ebbs and flows in the sales department.

Close more business

Close more Business

Our unique and proven B2G & B2B Active Demand Generation approach develops meaningful sales meetings with qualified, interested, decision makers so you can close more sales.


With our suite of business expansion and growth tools, Demand Marking Solutions can effectively help you increase your customer base, boost sales or introduce you to relevant, qualified prospects.

We will be with you in every step of the way making sure that your business goals are achieved and you gain much desired success. 

Active Demand Generation

Calling into warm or cold targeted lists to connect with and qualify potential prospects using Active Demand Generation techniques we set up phone, web, or in-person appointments between target contacts and one of our client’s sales reps.

Active Sales Performance Solutions (ASP) helps you build new revenue accounts and sales pipeline immediately, while creating a solid bedrock and foundation for a complete successful performing sales department.



Active Attendee Generation

Our disruptive, Active Attendee Generation method significantly leverages the best processes during every stage of attendee recruitment and attendee lifetime, including the on-site success stage which is ignored by all other methods.

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