You probably receive a hundred emails and calls a week telling you how a partner can help fill your pipeline!  You may even be one of the many who has had a bad experience with an outsourced lead generation partner. You just don’t understand why that experience was so bad it should have worked when 78% of today’s companies are outsourcing some part of their demand generation strategy.

Decades in the demand generation and sales space, as well as working with 100s of clients in all industries, we have uncovered the mysteries why Sales teams never have enough pipeline to meet quota.

You are probably like most of our clients and fall into one of these scenarios;

Your sales team is rocking and they are hitting the mark, but maybe you still feel like they could be doing more if they spent more time prospecting, or following up on those newly delivered marketing leads. If they are like most reps they are unconsciously falling into the 80/20 split, spending 80% of their time focused on the 20% of accounts that are established and bringing in revenue.

This is where we see one example of a bad experience happening, “The Reps are awesome, let’s outsource and bring in more leads for them to follow up on.”  Keep in mind, they are spending 80% of their time in that 20% of territory, so when you deliver a newly acquired lead it tends to drop to the bottom of the to-do list. The handoff is smooth, but that is where the baton generally gets dropped.  No sale is ever a one call and done deal, most reps make the 1st call, but from there it goes into that 80% of untouched territory. Never really getting the chance to be moved through the funnel and turning into a true sales opportunity.

The most common scenario we see is reps struggling with the first three steps of the sales process, especially when it comes to prospecting and connecting.  The basics needed to start filing a pipeline. You just gave them 100 accounts, do they know who they should be calling? Do they have the correct contact information? We see that most reps will spend the time on the contacts that they have, they don’t generally have the time to search out new contacts or try to cold call or guide their way through some automated directory to find that right person to talk to.

All of these scenarios can be easily overcome with the right Demand Generation Partner.  We like to call what we do Pipeline as a Service (PaaS). We help you provide the support, training, and guidance to keep those leads moving through the pipeline.  With Everything as a Service coming into the market, it’s time to let the experts help support the pipeline!

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