Having decades of experience working with resellers, distributors and manufacturers with their Marketing Development Funds, MDF doesn’t just put us one step above our leading competitor, but also puts our clients and partners one step closer to success.

Our Lead Generation Program(s) core strengths include; understanding our partners fiscal calendar, and how to nurture prospects along the way, because after all, we are marketing support. At DMS, we run expert programs based on when client funding is released and most importantly, when the clients next MDF will be available. In the leaders of client and MDF management, it does not do us nor you any good, to run one campaign, build a pipeline, nurture prospects, and then leave all those leads on the table once the campaign is complete. We forward think to the next opportunity for both us and our clients and find ways to make a program running steadily rather than running stale.

There are ways to do this, and at DMS, and as a true partner to our clients, we want to work with you because we see the benefits and big picture and one of our jobs is to show you as well. At DMS, our goal is not to close quick easy deals, hope it goes well and work on our next deal because there’s a chance our partner may not renew. Our mission is to keep our partners for as long as we can. Most of our partners are on their 3rd up to their 10th campaign with us because they see the benefits in keeping a campaign alive. Our 85% renewal rate is something all our departments have a right to be proud of. We use an all hands-on deck strategy when brainstorming ideas on how to make our partners campaigns even more successful.

By showing our partners the big picture, we work with them to understand when the next campaign can be rolled out to continue the program. This helps us know how long to nurture prospects that may not be ready for an appointment with our partners sales reps just yet. We have tricks and ways to keep the campaign alive such as running an email funnel to manage time and easily roll into the next campaign. In time, our partners see that all the nurturing work put into the first campaign, pays off on the second, third and so on.

If you’re interested in looking at the big picture of how to plan your MDF, give us a call.