Demand Generation Strategy is a necessity, not an option.​

Active Demand Generation is the act of taking your value proposition, your differentiators, your market identity out into your target market and presenting it directly to the individual decision makers. Where experience has shown they are the best target for your product/service. Active Demand Generation means that everyone is exposed to your messaging because it is being presented directly to them individually. Traditional emotional blocks and objections that crater Passive Demand Gen results can be anticipated and avoided so your true value can be delivered to a receptive person who can then give an honest assessment as to whether they are a good prospect for your services or not.

Active Demand Generation is not something that requires the deep pockets of a huge organization and its success rate is not reduced when competing against flashy campaigns from your competitors. Active Demand Generation allows your message to be distilled down and presented person to person where it can resonate and be truly heard and understood.

Active Data Acquisition

Active Data Acquisition enables the marketing team to improve the data in their marketing database and to a create potentially specific marketing programs for other products or solutions. Calling data that has been laser focused on the right companies based on geo, size and type; as well as the right contacts based on department, level and role.

Active Lead Generation

This stage in the Active Demand Generation process is not about selling the value of the solution or convincing a contact to meet. Rather, the key to this stage is confirmation of data, general interest and positioning you as a trusted adviser.

Active Appointment Generation

In this stage all actionable leads from the previous stage are brought to bear and the Business Development Representative team seeks to convert these leads into high quality sales appointments for the client’s sales team. DMS agents are experts at calling into enterprise organizations, identifying and engaging decision makers and utilizing our clients’ value propositions to move qualified prospects into the top of the sales funnel.

How we do it