Whether it’s high-quality data, generating attendees to your event or webinar, integrating digital marketing or generating sales leads, we can help you deliver on those targets.

 Jo Halsey
Jo HalseyCEO
Jo is a technically astute, customer service driven, analytical, creative and competitive entrepreneur with a focus on results. Jo has transformed businesses by leveraging information technology to envision the future, eliminate customer pain points, dramatically reduce complexity, identify business opportunities, create strategies, prioritize investments, and improve service, value and performance. If you aren’t happy with status quo then shake up the industry.
Stacey Holguin
Stacey HolguinVP of Operations
Stacey is an experienced and driven leader. She helps Demand Marketing Solutions B2G & B2B teams of highly skilled and dedicated professionals meet and exceed clients’ expectations. She works closely with partners to successfully extend their marketing efforts, – planning and managing from inception to completion, campaigns ranging from lead generation to event recruitment.
Heather Herbein
Heather HerbeinDirector of Campaign Strategy
Heather has been managing outbound campaign strategies for the past decade. Her deep analytical skills and program strategy optimize production while reducing costs and human capital. Her decades of management lend to our team leadership. She helps keep our customers happy with phenomenal campaign results. In her spare time she can be found cooking, loving on her dogs or binge watching GOT.
Leah Edwards
Leah EdwardsDirector of Marketing
Leah is a profoundly dedicated individual and is a sponge for knowledge. She rounds out the DMS S’Marketing techniques from a background of decades in sales and marketing combined. Armed with decades of outbound best practices and inbound methodologies, she brings new insight to our lead generation and digital marketing practices. In her spare time, she is a nerd at heart with her love of Marvel and DC while being the busy mom of 3 including her Boxer!