Demand Marketing Solutions is extending its leadership and expertise with Executives On-Demand.

Our On-Demand Executives operate as on-demand, interim, or part-time executives in consultative roles. Our team of experts strategize and use best practices to allow your business to THRIVE.  We have industry leaders who specialize in the IT and Federal Space.
We will also participate as board advisors.

Our consultation revolves around our THRIVE methodology. Using THRIVE we ensure companies of all sizes understand the type of client they need to TARGET in order to sustain and grow revenue. We provide an HONEST look through an unbiased lens into how the companies brand is perceived,  its reputation in the market, its current ability to deliver on the VALUE PROPOSITION, & how well they are incorporating business best practices. We help to RE-ENERGIZE focus on customer service obstacles and inefficiency while enhancing customer satisfaction and retention. We INCREASE areas of opportunity in marketing and increase marketing leads and quality. We improve sales close rates by establishing the process for listening to customers needs and aligning it with your value prop. We enhance your sales delivery with personality profile education and process follow up. We EXCEL your whole team. Align executives and their accountability to goals. We increase employee engagement, satisfaction, & company culture through education, purpose, focus, transparency, and resolve.

Start THRIVING Today

Leaving holes in your companies C-level team can be devastating.  With As-a-Service becoming the norm, more companies are turning to outsourced executive knowledge. Executives On-Demand is the solution that allows your company to THRIVE.

Our Packages are built based on your individual needs and supported by a team of experts;

CEO Complete – helps Technology companies THRIVE in their target market while increasing revenue, profit margin, and employee engagement. Our latest client saw a 22% increase in revenue with an increase in employee engagement using our principles.

CFO Strategy – helps all companies THRIVE in setting and meeting revenue goals.  We lend a financial expert to assist in strategy, goal setting, and financial planning management.

CIO Orchestration– helps all companies THRIVE in governing the challenging areas of IT. As a CIO, our focus is on faster time to market, employee satisfaction, and improved customer retention levels while ensuring uptime and minimizing security risk.

CMO Boost - helps IT companies THRIVE in today's digital marketing noise.  From demand generation to lead generation, we help you meet today's demand to be found and heard.  We thrive on ROI!

Program/Project Officer - helps organizations THRIVE in expansion.  From inception to roll-out we help break into areas of opportunity to exceed revenue goals.

T ----- Type of clients, targets & trends

H ----- Honest unbiased lens to enhance the company brand, reputation, ability & business best practices.

R ----- Re-energize the focus on Customer Service and the problems your customers face.

I ----- Increase marketing leads, MDF, Sales close rates and revenue.

V ----- Value proposition enlightenment what outcome does your customer get from your product or service.

E ----- Excel through employee accountability, engagement, satisfaction, and company culture.

CEO/COO On-Demand

CEO/COO On-Demand Executives help IT Manufactures and VARs increase profit margin and market share while improving company culture and reducing employee turnover.  These are critical issues for most IT businesses. A recent client had a 22% increase in sales and a palpable improvement in company culture within a quarter.

CIO/CTO On-Demand

CIO/CTO On-Demand Executives assist companies in lowering IT operating costs while strengthening the IT strategy with a focus on security, compliance, and improving uptime. A recent client increased uptime from 97% to 99.999%, while increasing customer retention, and strengthening internal IT value and trust.

CMO On-Demand

CMO On-Demand Executives allow companies to shorten the time to revenue, while improving digital marketing results, and marketing lead quantity and quality. From strategy to execution our experts can help increase your inbound/outbound demand generation and lead generation goals. They can help increase your MDF amounts and meet MDF compliance, where applicable.

Project Officer On-Demand

Program/Project Officer On-Demand helps technology companies who are launching a new intuitive, service, or product in the Federal Market Space and need a successful launch to achieve revenue goals. We help our clients traverse through the bureaucratic red tape, contracts, and proposals that are often the main obstacle in succeeding.

Jo Halsey, Executive on Demand

Jo Halsey, Executive On-Demand CEO/COO/CIO - Jo is a technically astute, customer service driven, analytical, creative, and competitive entrepreneur with a focus on results. Jo has transformed businesses by leveraging information technology to envision the future, eliminate customer pain points, dramatically reduce complexity, identify business opportunities, create strategies, prioritize investments, and improve service, value, performance, and culture. Available for opportunities.

Start to THRIVE today!