Your resellers and VAR partners are at the heart of what makes you great, but it seems we are still enamored with the 80/20 rule. 80% of revenue comes from 20% of your resellers. Is this the case for you? What if I told you I can get more of your resellers to produce higher revenue while having your current producers generate even more revenue and reduce your workload at the same time. Would that help you in any way?

Your marketing team attempts to connect with all resellers with channel programs and MDF, but many of the resellers still ignore the benefits. I bet that is frustrating.  I know this because I own a demand gen company that specializes in tech company specific lead gen and I have provided a myriad of consulting services to those same companies that extend beyond marketing. 

Through my time in the lead generation business, I have found that resellers and VARs have many reasons why they don’t participate in channel programs, however, I believe that very few of those reasons are valid. The 20% of the resellers/VARs that reach high revenue goals get there because they have a forward-thinking process or policy in place to realize the value of marketing and channel benefits. The message was received, and they have made the connection. The other 80% simply hasn’t made the connection yet it doesn’t mean that they aren’t future super producers.

We are experts in finding out why resellers don’t use their MDF to the fullest extent and we quickly enact plans & solutions to overcome those obstacles and help them achieve high revenue goals using all phases of marketing including lead gen and consultancy where appropriate. 

There is only truth to the 80/20 rule because companies fail to provide and connect with all of their partners. The real truth and rule is that all of your partners want and can produce higher revenues. We simply need to reach them with custom strategies that help each of them in their unique way to quickly make that connection and achieve those higher revenue goals. 

I can do that. Let me show you a few options that can get things started and everyone producing on higher levels.  

If your partners are the heart of your company, then we are the experts for you. Book Time TODAY!