Attention Sales Executives this goes out to you!

Have you ever participated on a lead generation campaign where you felt the leads were unqualified, some were no shows and overall the lead gen partner just didn’t listen? We hear this all the time, but not because of what we’re doing wrong, but because of what our partners have experienced in the past. The power of communication is ever so important in any relationship but most certainly when there is money involved because, let’s face it, we all report to someone and if a program did not end successfully, there will be fingers pointed. At DMS, we work hard each and every day to communicate with our clients on where there are challenges, what’s working and of course, what more can we do to continue the success.

We trust and look at our client’s sales team as the experts in selling their product. At DMS, we are the door opener and understand the buying cycle, how to nurture prospective prospects and generate qualified meetings for you. As far as selling your company’s product, we leave that in your hands. With that said, it’s important for us to know how the meetings that we set, went. Positive and negative feedback is not just welcomed but our Project Coordinators will nag to get this. This is so we can ensure the work your company hired us to do, is being done the way you had envisioned.

The way our programs are set up, we include weekly status calls with our clients and their sales reps. In the past, as my role as a Project Coordinator, I struggled with convincing and showing the sales reps the value in attending our status calls. Most often the Marketing point of contact would attend but not the sales reps. Then, as the campaign came to an end, we may have heard negative feedback from the sales reps regarding the meetings that were set for them. This bothered me because had the sales reps attended our calls and had I known about the challenges ahead of time, I could have addressed these concerns and hurdles with our team. This is an example of no communication and fingers being pointed. But with every lesson learned, a new process gets rolled out.

After this happened, I thought to myself, how can I show the sales reps value in communicating with me? How can I show them that I want them to succeed? This is where true customer and project management comes into play at DMS. I changed my approach during our launch calls and went over our processes and our expectations. I explained to our client and their sales reps that they can think of me as their Executive Assistant and that I am here to act as an extension to their team. When they succeed, we succeed. At DMS and my role as their Project Coordinator, my responsibility was to send them qualified leads and be able to show them tracking of their ROI. My expectations for them were to show up and update me on every lead. Once I communicated my process and expectations, the relationships changed from the hired help to partners.

At DMS we do everything we can to make sure fingers are not negatively pointed in any direction.

~Emily Spaloss