Let’s face it, we all want a prospect that is ready to buy now. But how often in our career does that happen to carry you through to your metrics?

I’ve learned that there is a fine difference between sales and marketing. Sales folks are go-getters and want to close the deal yesterday. Marketing folks are the nurturers and the ones who open the eyes of sales reps to see the bigger picture, and what’s in the future to keep the pipeline strong. Marketers do this by delivering B2B Sales Leads.

Essentially, we all wanted the deal to close yesterday, but we also need to keep the pipeline flowingwe need to keep in mind, that the value of a B2B Sales Lead is more important than we think.

B2B Sales Leads do not have a firm meeting date and time. Some do not have a promise, but all have detailed information, that with a little patience, research, and fostering, could turn into that next closed deal.

I provide these B2B Sales Leads to our Clients while sounding optimistic. I show them that although this specific prospect is not ready now, they will be in (Example) 6 months, and in the meantime, they’ve requested specific product/service information to review. We also recommend you follow up once every two weeks to see if something has come up, maybe they’d like to view a demo or talk pricing sooner than anticipated.

Not right now does not mean NO. It means later.

It’s important to remember that Clients invest in your marketing firm. They need to see two things; one, why did they invest in you? And two; what does their bottom line look like after working with you?

I trust, that my clients have enough confidence in me to represent their company and bring them beneficial leads. Some of these leads will consist of appointment meetings that will increase their bottom line sooner than later. Others consist of B2B Sales Leads that require perseverance and encouragement to move through the funnel. So, to conclude, it’s my job as a Marketing Project Coordinator to sell the Client on everything that has been generated through their campaign. That includes selling them on the value of a future deal the B2B Sales Lead.

A B2B Sales Lead is the first step into your funnel.

A B2B Sales Lead allows you to reach a higher ROI.

A B2B Sales Lead is not going to be a closed deal today but will be part of their pipeline and future success.



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