I know in this instance I’m offering a service, but I’m a consumer too.  

I shop, compare prices, read reviews about all types of things that I’m interested in purchasing.  Both in my professional world and my personal life.

As a consumer, and someone responsible for sales, one of the most important things to me is my experience – especially when I’m going to be handing over my hard-earned money.

From the moment I walk into a store or open a website, my experience matters.  I want to feel like I’m buying from someone who’s like me. Not that people who aren’t like me don’t have great products/services – I just want to feel like I’m with people who’ve had similar experiences and potentially hold the same general views and outlook on life.  

Anyway, from the first step of my buying journey to the time I’m using what I bought, I like to feel like I got a good/fair deal and that the person I engaged with feels the same.  

We want you to feel the same way.  We want you to think those people at DMS are all right.  They gave me a good deal and delivered what they said they would.  They even gave me more than I expected! Maybe it comes up in conversation sometime and you help a friend have a great experience like you and refer them to us.

We want you to trust us enough to tell people about us.  And we know that once we show you that our behavior/what we do mirrors our words, you’ll trust us.  With your present and your future. We help build your future. Today. Pipeline we generate today is your closed deal tomorrow.


Stacey Holguin


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