“Time why you punish me, like a wave bashing into the shore, you wash away my dreams.” -Hootie and the Blowfish

I recently saw Hootie and the Blowfish in concert and have been on a kick listening to Time. Who doesn’t love that song? As I’m replaying this song over and over I start to think about the word ‘time’ and what it means to me, and as most things, I relate it back to work, and think to myself, I was a time saver to our clients. Because of me, they had more time to focus on forward thinking initiatives for their company. 

Rather than their goals “bashing into the shore” and washing away their hopes for that quarter/year, I took care of their challenges and allowed them to work smarter not harder. Here’s two great tips on the value of time in appointment setting campaigns. 

Show the How: If companies had the time to do what a 3rd party can do, they wouldn’t entertain the thought let alone hire them.  Telling someone that you can save them time is wonderful! That is what this generation is all about. But how do you do it? The how should be in your opener with the word time. Example: By taking on your demand generation activities, I can save you time by managing the leads, making sure they are delegated to the correct territory sales representative, follow-up and enter the meeting feedback into your CRM for proof of ROI. All I would need you to do is approve the marketing plan and show up to our status calls so I can update you on how the campaign is running. 

Ask What Can You Do: My previous boss would urge me to ask our clients at the end of every status call “Is there anything you need from me? Is there anything I can do to help make your job a bit easier or less stressful”? Most times, our clients would get a little laugh out of that. But what they heard me say is help me help you. If I know what they are going through, and what they need, I can adjust my approach and plan with them. Not every client wants to be in the know of the details because they simply do not have time. They want to know if it’s working and what the bottom line is. Others may not have total trust yet in your capabilities and want to know every detail such as how late your tele-representatives plan to call that day. Either way, by asking them what you can do for them, bridges the gap in partner management and shows you care about their time. 

At DMS we not only save our clients time by being an extension to their team and managing their marketing and sales production, we also like to plant seeds in our client’s mind on how to make the next program even more successful. Our team’s background has sales, marketing, finance, technology and time management expertise and are great resources to have in a lead gen partner. 

Let’s talk more about what you can be doing with the time we save you.