Active Demand Generation is changing the competitive landscape!

In the business world today, Demand Gen Strategy is a necessity, not an option.

Building a Demand Gen department in-house has many downfalls when compared to outsourcing Demand Generation to companies that specialize in it like Demand Marketing Solutions.

More expensive – Less effective – Far less scalable

Passive Demand Generation, by nature, is flawed, but a strategy that consists ONLY of Passive Demand Gen will always fail.

Large companies can literally buy Passive Gen business by outspending the competition, but they will have to overspend to do it.

Small companies will always live in the shadow of those that can spend more.

Utilizing Active Demand Generation will always result in the company with the better product/service winning the business instead of the company that spent the most.

Active Demand Generation can be successful for everyone!

Your Appointment Setting Trust Issues Are Valid

So, you’ve tried B2B & B2G outbound telemarketing or appointment setting before but the company you hired didn’t produce anything or they produced, but none of the leads, appointments or attendees were of value. Either way, it was a waste of time, money and effort-all of which you can’t afford to waste.

Or maybe you haven’t tried B2B & B2G outbound telemarketing or appointment setting before; often it’s because of ’trust issues’. How do you find a team that will represent your company and brand appropriately and professionally-while at the same time converting those prospects or clients into additional sales opportunities?

In either case, many companies try to do it in-house. However, whether the motive is trust, cost or pride, most companies that employ an internal solution find that it simply wasn’t worth it. It’s like fixing your own plumbing when you’ve never done it before. In the end, the quality of the job is questionable, and it took longer and cost more than if you simply hired a plumber.

There’s a reason that plumbers exist…there’s is also reason Demand Marketing Solution exists.

Becoming Your TRUSTED-B2B & B2G Outbound Telemarketing, Appointment Setting Inside Sales Team

For over 14 years, DMS has been living and breathing B2B & B2G outbound telemarketing and appointment setting.

Lead generation isn’t just our livelihood… it’s our passion!

Our professional Business Developments Agents(BDAs) have a proven track record of executing successful calling campaigns.They are mature, experienced inside sales professionals (not Telemarketers) who are committed to providing a quality deliverable to each and every client.

Our proprietary lead management and reporting system provides the agents with the right tool set to
move through the data efficiently and effectively. It also allows them to track updates, append missing data and gather sales intelligence that is then stored and delivered to our client.The system also provides robust reporting and integration tools which allow us to support each client’s specific needs.

To bring it all together, our management and executive management teams are made up of industry experts that will help identify the right data set, develop a compelling message and make solid recommendations throughout each campaign based on years of real life experience.

Over the last 14 years, Demand Marketing Solutions’ experience, talent, technology and track record have helped us become a trusted provider of prospecting and sales support services to B2B & B2B companies across the country (and overseas).